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Tactically Random Ai Spawn Heuristic aka TRASH

Those are necessary for any good design dungeons (or games for that matter). Any games out there let you fight weak enemies, in pack often, before leading you to a boss fight. From double dragon to R-type, from tomb raid to batman arkham city, this is the base of design, you don't just fight boss.

Trash offers

- Pacing
- Feel of progression in the dungeon
- Feel of power
- Let your class shine (crowd control, kick, stun, tanking, kiting, ...)
- offer a break between more tense and difficult fight like bosses. Often, you can chat with friend, joke or even make a quick afk during trash clear.

- also give chance of unique loot, gold
- in some mmo, reputation.

So yes, dungeon and raids needs trash, they have a purpose. Possibly the worst raid instance blizzard ever created, trial of the crusaders, is the one with no trash (and no exploring). Although the boss were interesting admitedly.
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