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I have a quick question, I have the pvp gear on my 3 guys that are 50th lvl, should I still go for the dailys (now mine you I run strickly solo so) and another question I havent found a vender yet for daily comm, can you plz direct me to where this guy is and what type of gear does he give out is any better than my pvp gear ????

Thanks in Advance
Having said "I have the pvp gear" on my 3 guys that are 50th lvl" does not say which type of pvp gear you have. Is it recruit, BM, WH? This will direct you to the answer you are looking for with the "is any better than my pvp gear????"

The vendors for the dailys are usually next to the daily mission npc's. they usually have "mission support" under their name. The only vendors which are not relatively next to the daily mission npc's are the belsavis vendors.
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