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Well I for one it seems dont mind clearing trash. Thats one big part in an encounter and story. If you were only to fight bosses then they wouldnt have to mind surroundings. Just have a big room with 1,2 or 3 bosses and have a slughterfest and lootdrop. I dont call that a game. I woulndt mind going through longer areas of trash. They could even make some elite trash drop some mods, enhancements etc. Say in EC SM drop random Columi parts and schematics. On HM Rakata mods and schematics.
When you know mecanics of a boss and the group is comfy with it no boss fight takes more then 10 minutes today. I like the trash to atleast take the 10-15 min for warm up before the boss or/and chill the adrenalin from the last encounter.
Yeah WoW tried the whole Gladiator arena just Boss after Boss with no trash. I'm not saying it's a bad idea, that raid was a bit of a 'filler' raid anyways, but it wasn't very fun.

I hate clearing trash, especially in this game as a tank, its just a chore. But I have to say, both in this game and in WoW, many of our 'first' kills have been after wiping for like 2 hours, then having to re-clear trash, and then killing the boss the attempt after that. It can be a nice little break almost, letting you collect yourselves after a boss fight.

I do feel there was a bit too much trash in EC, but more specifically too much of the same trash. In particular between the Tanks and Minefield bosses, that whole trenches area is horrible to clear, hate it :P
Some more interesting varying trash would be nice. As for incentive, some extra chance for loot would be good, but for now the Blackhole Commendation chests, I thought that was a good idea

I'd like to see a good 6-7 bosses is Terror. I'm not expecting any more than that tbh. If there are, fantastic - but they've not said or done anything to suggest that they're moving away from the 5-boss pattern. (EC is only 4, but then theres NP too)
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