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08.20.2012 , 12:36 AM | #5
I'm on Gav Daragon, and I have to say there's not actually a lot of roleplaying there; there are a couple of guilds who specialise in it, and hold events every now and then, but it's not exactly an obvious feature of play on the server.

That said, do people on non-RP servers really give other people grief if they choose to roleplay? Would it really become an issue if the APAC servers were to merge? If you spam General Chat with roleplaying messages, you deserve (and earn) a thorough mocking, even on Gav Daragon. But opening a channel and getting your RP on? Who'd bother objecting to that?

I like the idea of merging the servers; more people to buy my ridiculously overpriced GTN fodder.
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