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08.19.2012 , 03:10 AM | #7
F&S was surprisingly simple.

We usually use a strategy that sees both bosses faced forward, with healers and tanks stood on the respective bosses, on the wall side of each boss, with the exception of the Firebrand side healer who stands off and kites spheres and missiles.

For the solo heal we modified positioning slightly, and had the Stormcaller side tank face him towards the side wall, with the dps stood where the tank usually would (straight forward). I was positioned on Stormcaller, on the side closer to Firebrand. The Firebrand tank was in the usual spot, with the F side dps in LoS of me on the inside of Stormcaller. One dps (balance sage) kited.

It was really very easy, and I'm sure there are many ways you could do it.

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