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08.19.2012 , 01:16 AM | #1086
@irishfino - I wish that really happened. I'd have so much more respect for Quinn.

@kabeone - omg I laughed SO HARD. Please write more, forever.

@hoyden - Awesome!! I always LOVE seeing more about Mirialans. They are so interesting!

@Striges - I love it - so sweet. :3 Love the one with Varrel, too. Sith family dynamics are always fascinating.

@Svien, don't mean to skip yours but I haven't made it that far in the SW story yet.

@Mags - I love that! Bait and switch is always fun, too.

@Zethrodek - nicely done. Makes me wish I had a consular.

@Salentar - so sad. The Agent really needs someone to just...truly trust. How awful to lose that.

So, I had this idea after doing one of Vette's companion quests (spoilers for that). What if...someone else got to Tivva first? Sith Warrior Aranea investigates.



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