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About the only way to know is:
-Go into an operation and have a tank parse how many times they dodged/parried/resisted/were missed.

-Have the tank post this data along with their defense chance.

-Collect this data on all bosses and from as many tanks willing to submit the data (btw I don't even know if any parsers actually can tell you these figures or if you'd have to do it manually, also you need so many tanks so you can get a proper sample size).

-If possible seperate abilities by whether or not they are physical damage or Tech/Force based damage since, like players, bosses may have a different accuracy rating depending on the type of ability it is (did you know the missle spam from Annihilator is Physical and is NOT Tech Damage?).

-Also be sure to throw out any resists due to something like resilience (or in the case of something like deflection, take into account the 50% higher Defense Chance for those hits).

-Crunch the numbers data and back engineer each bosses accuracy rating.
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