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Hello! I've been a Tactics/AP since launch and want to share some thoughts with y'all;

Obviously, you don't want to be at zero heat. If so, you're wasting potential. Any heat that could have been vented, but wasn't, is a loss of dps. If you start off a rotation with Immolate, for example, that's 8 heat. 5 heat will then be vented instantly and normally, then an additional 8 heat assuming you've not gotten any heat in the last 6 seconds. But, after the initial 5 heat vent, you only have 3 heat. So you could have vented 8 heat, but only vented 3. You've just wasted 5 heat. The most optimal rotations start off with two 16 heat cost moves.

It's also best to put Retractable blade on a target ASAP, to ensure a Charged Gauntless proc (I play an RS build). Basically, I weave flame burst before the following moves, in this order: RB, Immolate, Rocket punch, Rail Shot (Only if proc. If auto crit did not proc, use Rapid shots), flame thrower.
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