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Rithon watched the holofeed with growing fear. "Oh, kriff!" He yelled.
"What is it Rith?" Kixi the mirirlan slicer asked him.
"Mando negotiations have broken down! That smuggler and the two mandos are trying to flee Coruscant!"
"And I suppose we have to go help them?" The blue twi'lek leaning against the wall said sarcasticly.
"Yes, we are. Kixi, Ortiris! I want you guys to fly the ship to them." Rithon said climbing down to the boarding ramp.
"Rith, are you kidding?! We'll be shot down!" Kixi asked in disbelief.
"I agree with the girl for once!" Ortiris shouted.
"Just do it!"
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The Ghtroc 720 Freighter hovered above Nara and the two Mandos. It's boarding ramp was one foot off the ground and Rithon stood on it and called down. "Jump on and be quick about it! I got a Republic traffic patrol on my tail!"
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