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1. F2P is limited to doing class quest and space missions(rumor) only. so technically its a waste for subscribed members. it would basically generate more ppl to play to 50 then subscribe. People don't understand what thet means due to there lack of research and their ignorance. Tor still holds 1.4 million subscriptions, jus not all on playing everyday( we have lives you know).
2. The content being released was probably gonna be added a long time ago seeing how EA rushed Bioware to get the game out last year. it was to be released sometime this year with all the perks and legacy stuff already in it. if any fault is to go to anyone for the development of future content in the game point the finger at EA as they are killing the game and Bioware has to pull power moves to save it.
3. If i was to guess at the release of The new operation and the new planet i would say in December around the holidays. HK and the f2p will most likely be in 1.4 which might be at the end of September or early october. The issue really with the game is the unfixed bugs and unbalance between classes(Yes there is still unbalance between classes and Bioware is working on it).
4. All we can really do is have patience, the game is still fresh and it would be really stupid to just leave the game now. WOW had years to develope itself into a fine game. its early years werent that great also. We complain over the little things because we have selfish ambitions. Kids cant complain because most of them don't pay for there subscriptions, there parents do. We can hold out for a few more months and 15 dollars is not alot to me honestly, i have a budget so.... yea lol.
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