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speaking from a player on Dalborra and a server merge has actualy come up a fair bit in general chat on the fleet and alot actualy support it, i mean most who are at lv 50 pvp and do so quite alot. being that our server doesn't have the greatest numbers i for one welcome this a merge of the PVE and PVP server would serve both servers greatly but let the role players keep there own. it wouldn't be fair to them to be teased and trolled all day like because they choose to roleplay.

as it stands there are several guilds who actualy take the time to organise events in Ilum, The Black Hole and The Outlaws Den, and do so quite regularly so the pvpers would have more then enough chance to pvp outside of warzones, although it does restrict them actualy ganking lowbies anytime they want which is mostly why players play the pvp servers ( be honest guys you know thats the case ).

if Bioware doesn't choose to merge the two servers i say all pvpers come on over you will not be disapointed
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