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08.18.2012 , 06:32 AM | #1
Hi folks,

Essentially, posting about the current population situation with mainly Master Dar'Nala servers.

I know f2p is around the corner, and that may boost population and what not. But I'm sitting here at 10 pm, on a saturday night, and 60 people on the fleet, imperial fleet this is as well, and nobody is looking for anything etc, Q's are taking quite a while.

There's not really a healthy scene here at all atm. Which sucks 1000 balls cause I'm possibly the biggest fan of this video game. With the inevitable GW2 release, there's gonna be quite a number of people leaving, I for one know multiple guilds that are going, I'm quite genuinely worried that this server is going ghost town real soon, and real fast.

Now I'm pretty certain that the PVE server, Dalborra has a little bit going for it population wise, but still not amazing as far as I know, so it could be great for the two servers to merge.

I think it's time to merge, and time to merge fast.

My question to Master Dar'Nala is, would you guys think it's time to merge to the PVE servers? Really, the only thing we'd be sacrificing is the occasional gank fest and really, not much else :/

And my question to Dalborra, do you guys likewise think this would be a good idea?