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Mean while the imprerial agent, truns upto genral graal office. Upon seeing the smoke, pulls out his blaster. Then calls for back up, This copral jones, their been a gas grenade attack at genral`s office! He then began, to proceed into the offices. He soon relise the it was knock gas, and most where okay. A team of troopers, and a medic where on the way. the agent then walked upto the genral. He saluted him, and gave him the ships log. He hoped the genral would just do, genral scan for know, and not relise their is deleted data on their. He was still, waiting for the rakghoul venow for sabrina. He then asked the genral Sir, are these neogation even a good idea. With all the chaos it is causing, maybe off world may have been better.
Sabrina mean while was taking notes, in an intense debate with the echani. They seemed steadfast, in their opperstion to the treaty. Plus the reacent event`s with, true manalorians seemed to only entrench their postion. It would come down to a vote in the end. Between to the corelians, who wanted the treaty for extra income it would genrate. Plus the chance that empire, would finaly be totaly out gunned. Then the echani postion, where they say well we may be able to trust this manalore. But their culture, does lead to long lasting treatyies. As if some one kill`s mandalore, then they become mandalore. So they can not be trusted, with long term`s treaties. Due to their, right of succesion.