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Quote: Originally Posted by Raczo_liga View Post
Guide updated 8/16/2012 with the following:
* New skill point build
* Update to stats and their prioritization
* Opening abilities to gain threat before rotation
Disagree with Accuracy. You should not put ANY points into Accuracy AT ALL. Yes, this means most of the Tionese/Columi/Rakata gear you get from the vendors is awful.

Are you missing your 4-piece set bonus in those screenshots? It is very important!

You might point out that Explosive Round and Full Auto are weak enough that they can almost be taken off the hotbar.

Skill build: Containment Tactics is bad. Do not put points in it, ever. I used to be a firm proponent of Blaster Augs + Heavy Stock, but after mathing my way through one of my HM EC parses, I found that, in total, those talent points only bought me about 5000 damage. In the longest, hardest fight of the game. Which is less than 1 second of DPS uptime for the raid. I've since switched to Soldier's's only about 600 HP, but that is much more likely to make the difference between winning and losing, IMO. I won't fault people for going either direction there.

Harpoon is almost never an opener, and it's actually not very good at building threat. I only use it to reposition enemies for AOEs, and as an interrupt in rare situations.

Sticky bomb is actually a good opener. It won't put you "into combat" until the projectile actually hits the mob, so your GCD will actually be partially over. If I'm in a situation where I would open with Storm, I will almost always do Sticky -> Storm instead. Don't use your Explosive Surges immediately after your Storm. You have ~12s to use them, so make sure you've spent some ammo first, or they're wasted. A typical Storm opening should be something like

(Sticky Bomb) -> Storm -> Ion Pulse -> Energy Blast -> Ion Pulse -> Explosive Surge (1) -> Ion Pulse -> Explosive Surge (2) -> Stockstrike -> High Impact Bolt

If you're concerned about building AOE threat so mobs don't eat your healers, you might move the first Explosive Surge forward one place, but I wouldn't move it any further than that (and you should probably be using Mortar Volley in that scenario, anyway).

"NOTE: You should also use Nueral Jolt and Smoke Grenade as often as they are off of cooldown."

No. No, no, no. Smoke Grenade is one of your best cooldowns. Rather than firing it constantly, try to use it during high damage phases. For example, on Foreman Crusher, you can make your healer's life easier if you use Smoke Grenade on his Frenzy phases - it should be ready for each of them. Neural Jolt is off the GCD, so you can use it whenever it's needed if you're going to lose aggro. And in harder content, it's really important for tank switching, so you don't want to be in the habit of firing it constantly.

I didn't see you mention Target of Target anywhere in your guide. Turning that on is the #1 tip you can give to any new tank, IMO.
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