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That's a very tough question to answer, and would require a lot of data (both in terms of number of logs, and keeping track of player's stats in relation to what's going on in the log).

I _think_ Operation Boss accuracy is pretty close to zero - that is, if you have 15% defense chance on your character sheet against melee/ranged, then about 15% of melee/ranged attacks will miss your character. This is just based on cursory examination of a few log results though, so I don't know when my Smoke Grenade debuff was affecting the boss, etc. And most bosses don't actually attack enough times in a fight to give you a very confident estimate of their miss rate. For example: I tank Firebrand for roughly half the fight. In that time, he only attacked me 31 times, some of which were tech abilities, some of which were affected by smoke grenade. He missed 7 times. My defense is around 17%. What's Firebrand's real miss rate? Who knows!
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