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08.17.2012 , 01:17 PM | #1
I would like information regarding how much accuracy bosses have for their various attacks, and whether accuracy debuffs have any effect on some of their more unique attacks.

When trying to modify defense formula for skill trees and abilities, I came accross the question as to whether we can add an effective defense bonus due to accuracy debuffs applied to the endgame bosses.

for example, if endgame bosses have an accuracy of 110%, and a vangaurd applies their -20% accuracy debuff, that effectivly gives them 10% more defense.

Now if an assassin places their -5% accuracy debuff on that same boss, we are still in the red so to speak, so we should aplpy a -5% defense to our formula.

However, if the endgame boss has accuracy of 100%, then we would get 20% bonus to defense in the former, and 5% in the latter.

these modifications will affect the optiomization of stat weights... which is why i need to know.