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1) You included a Tier 1 speeder. Fine. This event was to include players of all levels. But why, in the name of the Jawa gods, would I ride a Tier 1 speeder after spending 300k+ credits to obtain Tier 3 training? I spent 500k+, because I got my training before the cost reduction. After spending that much money, why would I still use a Tier 1 speeder?

Why not include a speeder for all tiers? Why not make an adaptable speeder?

2) You only included weapons of Blaster Rifle and Sniper Rifle type. Fine. But why would I spend my time doing a quest for a reward that I am unable to use myself, or on any of my companions? As a Bounty Hunter, I am unable to use Blaster Rifles (an argument for another time), but neither can any of my companions, save one! And due to game mechanics, I am all but forced to take my healer companion, reducing that shiny new weapon I got to nothing more than an icon in my Crew Skill window..
The speeder is tier 1 because it is a peice of scrap.. (Hence the name scrapper.) Have you looked at the thing?? The front end pointing one way and the back end pointing another.. Blown engine.. Sparks flying everywhere.. I can't understand how anyone can complain about it's speed.. Just looking at it, it is a wonder that it even moves.. Seriously.. Realistically speaking.. This mount should only be Tier 1.. It is a broken down beat up speeder..

Their decision making is fine.. I see nothing wrong with spreading goodies for the different classes across multiple events.. I see no reason for anyone to complain about this either.. But as I said in my post above.. Some people are just going to whine to whine.. Read my post above as a response to your second question.. Since the bioware response appearantly wasn't good enough..
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