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Hi folks,

I wanted to take a bit of time to explain the reasoning behind the weapon selection on the vendor. As you know, each SWTOR event that we do is unique and this also applies to the variety of items offered. That is, if you don’t find anything that you think is useful during this event, you may find a different assortment of items in the next one. Your feedback is definitely appreciated and we’ll look into different ways to improve our item selection in the future.

Thanks for participating!
I understand that you had a reason, but having a reasoning behind a decision does not necessarily make the decision a good one.

By choosing to make the event cater to a VERY narrow selection of classes, this only served to drastically reduce the positive experiences players had with this event. And according to your reasons listed above, not only does this not solve the issue of excluding the vast majority of classes, but you clearly stated that you plan to do the exact same thing again next time. How does this help?

I tried to get excited about this event. But going through the very tedious quests for absolutely ZERO rewards worth mentioning, makes it very difficult to enjoy.

1) You included a Tier 1 speeder. Fine. This event was to include players of all levels. But why, in the name of the Jawa gods, would I ride a Tier 1 speeder after spending 300k+ credits to obtain Tier 3 training? I spent 500k+, because I got my training before the cost reduction. After spending that much money, why would I still use a Tier 1 speeder?

Why not include a speeder for all tiers? Why not make an adaptable speeder?

2) You only included weapons of Blaster Rifle and Sniper Rifle type. Fine. But why would I spend my time doing a quest for a reward that I am unable to use myself, or on any of my companions? As a Bounty Hunter, I am unable to use Blaster Rifles (an argument for another time), but neither can any of my companions, save one! And due to game mechanics, I am all but forced to take my healer companion, reducing that shiny new weapon I got to nothing more than an icon in my Crew Skill window.

If you wanted to focus on these weapons for the event, fine, buy why not include something useable by the rest of us? Why not at least include a crystal?

You made an event that could have been a lot of fun for everyone. But due to some VERY poor decision making with limited foresight, this event has become nothing more than head-scratching frustration for the players.