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You completely missed the point.

You see.. those are Bind to Legacy weapons.

Past the actual stat specifics, what those guns allow you do is this : move barrels (which you previously couldn`t) between alts and crystals. Mods and enhancements and armorings you can move already by use of Legacy Armor.

What this event enabled players to do was this: add means to move EVERYTHING between alts, EXCEPT hilts.

So, no.. the big uproar isn`t about a lame gun, or that it is blaster rifle or sniper and who can use them. There are enough designs for each class as they are already. It is about the fact that effective now, people can move barrels among alts, but not hilts, discriminating players that do want to move said hilts until next event, which might come tomorrow or in 4 months. I am sorry.. but 4 months is too much.
Oh yay. What luck. I can move barrels and crystals. F*** me im so happy. (If you cant tell, im being sarcastic)
I have 6 Jedi/Sith and hence the only thing id be doing is transfering crystals, but if they had been kind enough to simply add a saber aswell, or set of sabers as well as the bowcasters, id be able to transfer the things i actually wanted to, without troopers/Agents/Smugglers/Bounty hunters suffering
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