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WOW doesn't even allow you to send items across server. And Bind to Legacy means that EVERYONE can use these items. Maybe not on any character they want to, but they most certainly can get the items and either send them to an alts that can use them, or put them up for future alts.

And again, the color crystals where aimed at lightsaber users. To say otherwise is just being naive. No rifle/pistol user cared.

The fact is, Bioware put a unique/iconic set of weapons on the vendor for this event and then made those items bind to legacy so that everyone could use them on some of their characters. If they'd have made them bind on pickup, I'd understand the complaining. As is, you guys are just being babies. Big surprise there...... this game seems to have attracted almost nothing but entitled babies.
So it's ok for smugglers and bounty hunters to get shafted in both events? Don't worry folks, your event might get here before f2p opens-if not for the low price of xxx cartel coins you can participate and maybe get something for your characters!