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Hi folks,

I wanted to blow this thread up into even more of a flame war, by telling you what we decided was a good idea, even though it pretty much alienates 1/4 of the classes
Basically, were thinking that were going to make each event have different weapons and items for different classes, so if, god forbid. You miss ONE of the events thats tailored to your class, Your screwed! And have to wait another couple years...

Thanks for participating! We sure did enjoy the LOLZ of seeing you realise you dont get anything decent for the shear grind fest, and don't forget the shear LOLZ of you pitting against each other for 3 days straight! Completely ruining the idea of a community event
There. I shaved away the Normal CS Responce and showed what you really meant.
Hope i helped
I myself am going to go cry in a corner for a bit, because i actually have a life, and knowing my luck,ill miss the only event with any Knight, Inquisitor, or Scoundrel items.
Complete Let Down.
Im ashamed of you Bioware. You've officially managed to get a loyal customer who never deserted the game, who never posted anything in the way of an argument to any bioware points, to completely, and utterly, Lose faith
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