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08.17.2012 , 08:46 AM | #106
I Have to agree with several others, I would suggest fixing the current and long standing issues. Not to whine, but I can only think that with the new ops, wz with their bugs and lag, more provide even more broken events. Frustration is name of game when your ops run is called because of glitches and/or lag and/or glitches. I therefore cannot look forward to the additional content with much optimism as so many issues have not been addressed.. It is rather sad when the generic response of 'we are investigating' and 'we have our team working on it', when it appears that bugs, lags, etc. have been around since launch are still occuring. I do believe that this game has potential, or rather did, but quality control is amiss, and most people want to finished a wz without lag costing them the match.....please, I hope these problems are addressed before new bug invested content is released.