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To all the people whining about people whining ... counting the collector's edition and being a subscriber with no interrupts I'm like nearly $350.00 into this game... with no additions to any of my class stories.

Don't tell me it's like I'm getting however many games in one, because those class stories make up such a small amount of what's in the game whereas most of the stuff is a lot of grinding through quests I've already done on every single planet if I'm interested in checking out the other class stories. The companion characters, by virtue of every class needing 5 are really one dimensional with nothing but a little bit of conversation for their story. I'm still subscribed at this point because I was leveling up some classes with a friend from 1-50, but on our second time through it's bascially ... wow, boring... to grind through the planetary quests. TOR is awesome as a one time trip through the Republic or Empire, with some value to play through the other of those two choices after you do one.

They really pounded the drum on not making the game a grind with no "Kill x number" quests, but after awhile you realize, no they're not making you count, but they've put an entire army between you and each quest goal so that you are killing X number of things. After awhile you just can't hide from it and it annoys you a little bit.

A big mistake was on races: Bioware decided that WE wouldn't want non attractive races, additionally they decided WE don't want races that don't speak basic... a lot of us surprisingly can read and we're used to that. For greater variety I'd be willing to read, then again, I love reading anyway. We see this trend continue with the Cathar which I'm looking forward to, but alas... one race out of all the Star Wars races you could add? Just one? I guess we'll have to wait and see if it'll make enough money as a Free to Play store addon before we make more, which is what I'm expecting them to do. Maybe they'll surprise me.

Maybe Makeb will be huge and advance class stories and thus, yay... I know I can't expect new voicework every month, but I could see something like every few months extending the story for one of the classes by a couple of chapters.

I'd really love to see Bioware cut way back on the non connected side quests and include more substantial story elements that don't feel closed off from one another. To some degree, the origin worlds had a good tighter feel to their stories I think.

Anyway, I'm done ranting, have fun, continue with what you're doing, I can't believe I've actually preordered GW2 though... I had no interest in that game until recently. It's kind of sad that I'm looking forward to it but maybe a break from TOR will give them a chance to come up with something new.
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