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08.17.2012 , 07:32 AM | #128
I find it disgustingly hilarious the amount of nerd-raging going on here. Seriously folks, this is supposed to be a video game. You play it for fun during your "free" time. If you don't find anything of value for participating in the event, then don't do it! Why on earth are you demanding people get fired over something so trivial? Why do you feel such a sense of entitlement for something that is meant as nothing but "fluff"? This world event is not a core part of the game, people.

The rewards are considered trinkets/novelty items...nothing more! The speeder is 90% speed because it's a busted-up speeder. Just look at the thing, lol. It's meant to add personality and flavor to the game; so are the bowcasters. They don't give you any sort of advantage, they are simply made as a cosmetic change to your character or companion. If you don't have a character or companion that can use it, then no big deal. You're not losing out on anything!

You complain about the social gear being a plain recolor/slight design change to the sandpeople armor. If Bioware would have made a unique piece of gear, you'd be complaining about that too, saying it's not unique enough or you don't like the looks, etc. Again, the rewards are simply fluff items meant to be novelty items for participating. Screw your head on straight, chill out and exert your energy on something that matters.

The world event in this video game should not be getting you all this worked up. There's simply no justification for it. Period. People whined about how terrible the Rakghoul event was. Now they say it was great. Now they complain how terrible this event is. There's just no pleasing you brats. If things are just that horrible for you, there's a way to change that. It's called "unsubscribe". Take your nerd rage to the next MMO please. Thanks!