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Quote: Originally Posted by GooseGrims View Post
yea you take the one line i said sarcasticly, GG go back to your bridge lol

edit: and you keep throwing around "special snowflake" but tell me at what point did i demand an exclusive to make me a "special snowflake"?
A bit like the way you chose not to answer me when I called you out for being immature enough to demand someone loses their job over a periodic live event.

I guess the difference between us is that the fact that if a live event reward menu does not cater to me specifically in THIS event, that would not be sufficient to make me quit any game whereas you suggest the opposite.

I would just be patient and wait my turn but to each their own....I am simply pointing out that along with the demand for someones head does not come accross as a very mature outlook...

Essentially you think that for others to have a reward in this event and for you to have a reward in the next event for example, is unacceptable so you qq about it rather than being constructive. That makes you both a troll and a special little snowflake.