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I'm no troll... I can quite readily admit to both the games good points and bad points...I already eluded to the fact that I enjoyed the content for what it is, a periodic live event, despite the bugs and some poor mechanics.

Whereas you post about how you are "demanding the head of dev who made these decisions" which makes you look immature at best.

The difference is I am mature enough to attribute 70% of the games problems to the devs and 30% to the incessant and unrealistic demands of the special snowflake crowd.

I'd be more inclined to think the issue is a bit less devs, and a bit more 'management'.
I mean, I will still play this game part time. It's really because as bad as this game is, it still IS Star Wars. The other options out there pre-GW2 are all equally bad or worse.

I don't suspect GW2 will be the greatest thing ever. However, the idea of both arena and open world PvP (especially W v W v W) are both refreshing and exciting. Exciting that they actually coded the game with a game engine that can actually support large scale PvP (or zergs, as some will call it). Having a reason to actually open world fight. Something this game fundamentally lacks (unless grinding for WH gear is a good enough reason).
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