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Generalise much? I and a few other posters in this thread who are grown ups do not feel "slapped in the face" by the fact I dont have a class specific reward as part of this event. Talk about special little snowflake syndrome.

As long as each class gets their turn with weapon rewards available through the live events then you have nothing to complain about. All you are really sayign here if we are is honest is "some people have things that I can have/use and that is not acceptable to me because I should be included/most important in all decisions".....well thats just life.

My point is can you not just enjoy the content? Why does it matter if Ops get a weapon in this event and BHs get a weapon in the next event for example? Just take part in both and enjoy them for what they are....I would be happy without any rewards, just the title would be enough....

Just because someone gets somehting ahead of you does not make it a fail just means you need to wait your turn and be 12 year old understands this!?!?!?!

1) you mean generalizing like you lumping everyone who is not brown nosing BW into the same group? and special snowflake syndrome? i dont remember demanding exclusives or anything that nobody esle should get.

2) so you know for a fact that each event is only gonna have rewards for a select few classes? and are the forums not the place to give feedback, just because a persons opinion is not the same as yours does not make it any less valid. and no what i was saying is that i would have to create a new character just to get some enjoyment out of the weapons.

3) did i ever say i did not enjoy the event? and thats good for you, i personaly dont care what rewards are in the event as long as they are equal. for example the color crystals from the last event.

4) i dont remember saying the event was fail for any reason. and we have all been patient waiting for this event, that doest mean any classes should be over looked. and thats really good for your 12 year old, maybe they can teach you what an opinion is next...