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08.17.2012 , 06:37 AM | #112
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You do realise GW2 is gonna suck right? I mean, you must already know that the game is just a mediocre rehash of popular game mechanics from WAR et al with some cartoony PvP and and a renamed trinity??

Its also arguably more entrenched in the F2P / P2W model than TOR will be...

Give it 3 months and you will be proclaiming it "FAIL" because it does not cater your every demand and personal vision for the game....still at least I know you will surely enjoy such misery

oh i never said i was wating for GW2, but alot of ppl are and that is going to make this community even smaller, so imo they should have just bit the bullet and made everyone happy duringthis one to not drive more ppl away lol