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You do realise GW2 is gonna suck right? I mean, you must already know that the game is just a mediocre rehash of popular game mechanics from WAR et al with some cartoony PvP and and a renamed trinity??

Its also arguably more entrenched in the F2P / P2W model than TOR will be...

Give it 3 months and you will be proclaiming it "FAIL" because it does not cater your every demand and personal vision for the game....still at least I know you will surely enjoy such misery

GW2 PvP can't POSSIBLY be worse then this. I log in, I grind the same 4 warzones for 2 maybe 3 hours, I get about 1000 warzone comms and my daily, which gives me about 400-450 ranked comms a night after conversion. and an entire set of war hero gear costs what, 25k of these ranked tokens.

But wait! Ranked warzones! Yay! Except I can't queue for them. 8 people or nothing. I joined guild after guild looking for ranked teams, and you know what I found? Multiple guilds with rapidly dwindling populations that can no longer do ranked (or, conversely, they do ranked, but they are virtually all badly undergeared - defeating the fun in doing ranked) . Over and over again on Fatman.

More terrible implementation from this C grade dev staff with F grade management. it's why I'm now scaling back my gameplay and unsubbing once this month is over.
It's not that I think GW2 is going to be amazing. I don't. I'm just sick of the terrible PvP situation here.

Besides, TOR is nothing more then a Star Wars themed mediocre rehash of WoW, without most of the features WoW has, so...
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