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To all you whiners from the COD / Reward me for turning up generation, just enjoy the mini quests, enjoy the event, have a coke and a smile...participation in any kind of event / hobby does not equal automatic acquisition of every single thing every single long as the next event rewards other classes with weapons you have NOTHNG to complain about. Can't you just do things for the enjoyment and/or the completionist factor any more? Do you have to be spoon fed rewards for participating in anything?
someone expecting rewards from an event is hardly in the "reward me for turning up generation" EVERYONE is paying the the same sub, and EVERYONE had to wait months for the event, and to come out of it with nothing for your main character is a slap in the face for anyone not currently playing an Agent or Vanguard.

and i havnt heard/seen anyone demanding "automatic acquisition" of anything, and funny how you compair it to a hobby so your saying if i built a model car, and there were pieces missing i would not have a right to be upset?

and yea the next event may very well have other types of weapons, but to say the players have nothing to compain about is narrow minded at best, was it not BW that said each event will work similar to the first one, so was it much of a streach for ppl to think it would offer something for everyone? i dont think so.

cant you just let ppl voice thier opinion without berating them?