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Ok 1st. This is poor reasoning and its thought process like this that anger the players and have resulted in what TOR has become.

2nd, MONTHS ago the quest rewards were data mined and posted on these very forums players gave feedback that said "I hope there are rewards for other classes"
It would have been nice if you guys had read that thread and added rewards for ALL CLASSES!
quoted for truth. i know i cant be alone in this but im getting really sick of the attitude BW/EA have that they know what we want. its getting more and more obvious they dont have the slightest clue and dont even bother reading feedback given 90% of the time. as someone said earlier, great move just before GW2 comes out.

i dont have a signle character that can use these weapons, non of the 7 characters i have would look good in a sand people outfit, would need to grind about 150 smuggler crates per character for the pet (not that i plan to), and only 2 of my characters can use the speeder but having the CE i already have a speeder, and the CE one doesnt look like its been through a destruction derby.

i demand the head of the dev that made these decisions!

they either need to start listening to the small playerbase they have left or they are gonna drive us all away.