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I don't know what people are complaining about. What you thought they were going to hand out legacy weapons for all 8 classes in one event? Then what is there to look forward to on the next event?

Of course they are going to spread it out, my trooper will benefit from this event, hopefully the next event will be better for my force users.
How dare you display such an adult, mature and considered attitude.

You are suppossed to be crying and whining and claiming that BW have done this to peronsally "slap you in the face" or some other such nonsense

My only toon that can directly benefit from this event is a very low level Op...I have a BH so might transfer a couple of barrels to him....otherwise I enjoyed the event (a few minor bugs / frustrations aside) even though the rewards are not set up to benefit me directly.

To all you whiners from the COD / Reward me for turning up generation, just enjoy the mini quests, enjoy the event, have a coke and a smile...participation in any kind of event / hobby does not equal automatic acquisition of every single thing every single long as the next event rewards other classes with weapons you have NOTHNG to complain about. Can't you just do things for the enjoyment and/or the completionist factor any more? Do you have to be spoon fed rewards for participating in anything?

The sheer level of "me me me me me me me me me me me" and "My demands are more important than anyone else's" and "No one can have anything that I CAN'T HAVE otherwise its FAIL" is far more disgusting than the rewards selection or poor quest implementation.