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So are we getting another World Event like in 2 weeks or something so all the Melee classes can have some good stuff....

I can not understand this answer at all....Why alienate 50% of the classes in this game ??

Just another step i suppose to pissing people off and losing yet more subs. You devs do understand that its this kind of thing that really gets up peoples noses
First, it isn't 50% alienated, it is almost 82%. of 16 classes, there are weapons that only three classes use. Secondly, it is obvious this event was rushed out the door. This game is done, stick a fork in it. It already is the worst AAA MMO failure in history, it will be able to add biggest F2P failure to that list at this rate.

BioWare, sorry to say it but you guys really are clueless. No wonder this game is tanking faster than a rock thrown into a pond. August 25th I am done. You got one more month from me to tide me over until GW2 than I am gone for good. You guys really don't have a clue at all how to handle an MMO.

Before I go, however, here is my feedback for future events - start by getting an Executive Producer who has just a smiggin of a clue about MMOs. At least then you will stand some remote chance of possibly salvaging a small audience for this fiasco.
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