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I do think that this event favors rifle users more than the previous event favored lightsaber users
I would say it significantly favours rifle users over other classes more than the previous event since at least with the previous event the crystals contained stats that could be used by anyone. Want a nice expertise crystal, there's one at the vendor, or an increase to your endurance or power or crit, get yourself to the vendor. With these weapons unless you're an aim or a cunning user, which is only the ranged classes, than you're not able gain any boosts. Equally if you are a force user you cannot move decent hilts from one character to another, whilst ranged may now move decent barrels.

Like others I'd have no issue with the rewards for this event, if the events were more regular but being months apart makes it frustrating and shows the devs seem to increasingly have little knowledge of how to manage an MMO.
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