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08.17.2012 , 01:55 AM | #1
Out with general chat, in with chat bubbles. I enjoy every aspect of SWTOR with time played 149 Days, 17 hours, 10 minutes EXCEPT GENERAL CHAT, its poison killing the game and any enjoyment I get from it. The first thing I read when I sign on is “swtor sucks, I hate this game, the event is lame’’ etc....... non-stop all day and if isn’t SWTOR bashing it’s innate never-ending ending stream on stupid questions from so many trolls no one ever helps people that actually need help. There is no reason for gen chat, why does some guy talking about his personal hygiene on the other side of the planet not even playing game have to be broadcast for all to see, or crafters spamming “buy my junk, buy my junk, and buy my junk”. Have a noob/stupid question channel with a GM in it to answer the 1000 “where did I park my spaceship” questions. General chat is seriously ruining game. The social people who just like to blab can blab to their guild and if they don’t have a guild it’s because no one wants to hear them so don’t give them a way to reach everyone trying enjoy the game by having general chat. Please employ chat bubbles
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