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Quote: Originally Posted by Last_Hearth View Post
I don't know what people are complaining about. What you thought they were going to hand out legacy weapons for all 8 classes in one event? Then what is there to look forward to on the next event?

Of course they are going to spread it out, my trooper will benefit from this event, hopefully the next event will be better for my force users.
I was expecting worth while rewards that can be used by anyone. Like the Rakghoul event? Hey look color crystals! Everyone can use that!

This event?

Hey look... Bind to Legacy weapons! YES...

Wait... why is just blaster rifles and sniper rifles?

uh... Okay so I guess only Agents and Vanguards are going to get something useful out of this event.

Oh what? You thought a recolor of a pet, a lvl 1 speeder, and a recolor of already existing Sand People armor is worth while too?

Well What ever floats your boat.

I even just throwing in a unique color crystal for people would have gone a long way towards "Well I might not have a weapon but I got a nice crystal out of it."

Not to mention the quest design this time around but thats another issue entirely.