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Hi folks,

I wanted to take a bit of time to explain the reasoning behind the weapon selection on the vendor. As you know, each SWTOR event that we do is unique and this also applies to the variety of items offered. That is, if you don’t find anything that you think is useful during this event, you may find a different assortment of items in the next one. Your feedback is definitely appreciated and we’ll look into different ways to improve our item selection in the future.

Thanks for participating!

You don't get paid enough to face the hordes of angry mobs.

This event has annoyed the *&^% out of me. We waited a very long time for this, and it turns out to be rubbish. Some people enjoyed it. I did not. None of my guild mates did. No one else I spoke to on my server did either. You seem to be saying that the current rewards will be it. I see. I had been hoping otherwise.

Some things that would have fixed the united show of sheer annoyance would be:

*Put some unique usable rewards in for gods sake. A 90% speeder, a pet that looks like other pets and some weapons most people can't use or aren't really up to date simply isn't good enough. The stuff had to be desirable.

*Stop making quests that need to be completed by everyone, and have a single way of completing it for everyone. I sat there for a good length of time trying to get into a group for the laser quest in Grathan's compound, in fact that was so crap I am not even going to bother explaining it any more. Awful. Stupid.

*kindly stop angering your player base. A simple way of doing this would be to up the rewards. (A unique 110% speeder, a unique colour crystal(Hell, even a hard to get colour with +41 stats) perhaps a pet that was unique. Some other stuff most people could use.

In fact I have said all this stuff before Ad-Nauseum, as have many other people if you didn't listen or care then you sure aren't going to now.

Look I'm sorry we waited for this for a loooong time. If you are going to start having events every 2 weeks / month sure. But 4-5 months between each one and then saying HOHOHO you have to wait for the next one because we tricked you into believing this would be great, maybe the next one will be!!?

Perhaps you should hire some more personel if you are pumped for time? Oh sorry you fired tons of workers already. My mistake.

No, Thank you very much. *Does best Yoda impersonation* No money more of mine get will you! MMmhhMMM!