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Thank you Joveth for the response.

I have maxed Guardian, Sage and Assassin and I don't feel that I have wasted any time doing this event. It was the only way the get a BoL weapon. Given that I leveled my Sin purely to get a purple colour Crystal for my Pub toons I am very happy that this event had BoL weaopns.

Every class can use the adaptive armour which looks awesome!

The pet and speeder can be used by everyone.

Anyway, I see VERY few Black/Green crystals from the last event around anymore. No one seems to use them anymore. Sabers are largely the same aside from colour so offering different hilts is kinda meh anyway. Plus Bowcasters are AWESOME! I'm even leveling a Sniper now to use the one I got, can't wait! Getting a 61 weapon for him straight away is just a bonus and nothing else.

The event is fun and that's what matters most.
If bowcasters are awesome why didn't Han use one?