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Interesting interview: Clicky

The guys seems honest and isn't afraid of tough questions.
Also liked that contrary to some he didn't spend the whole time saying how great is TOR.

Few things to mention:
  • Content each 6 weeks
  • Content = OP, Flaspoints, WZ, events...
  • Story mode on hold for bigger (and much rarer?) updates
  • Focus will be on grouped content.
  • F2P =/= pay to win but you're going to be able to buy conveniences perk like faster leveling.
  • F2P == vanity items, access to specific content, inventory/bank slots.

The Guy landed in May, so the actual event might be a snapshot of what to expect.

(Edit) Adding Jeff Hickman interview, Executive Producer of the game.
  1. F2P got a broader time frame: fall =/= November.
  2. F2P will get access to say all WZ but will be limited of how many they can do in a specific time frame
  3. Story content "Free"
  4. Medium level blue items shall be in the cash shop
  5. One team dedicated to 6w content
  6. Another team to the making of Makeb
  7. A whole team has been working for months on the new level 50 hard mode space missions.

To be honest last part is a huge waste of $$$ and dev time.
For the managers eventually reading that: the space shooter is just lame.
You guys should realize it's a shame to have spend and keep spending so much on such a lackluster feature.
Even flying mounts in Wow move faster and do have 3D movement.
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