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Hi folks,

I wanted to take a bit of time to explain the reasoning behind the weapon selection on the vendor. As you know, each SWTOR event that we do is unique and this also applies to the variety of items offered. That is, if you don’t find anything that you think is useful during this event, you may find a different assortment of items in the next one. Your feedback is definitely appreciated and we’ll look into different ways to improve our item selection in the future.

Thanks for participating!
Not going to shoot the messenger as some might be prone to do, but you might want to let the devs know that this philosophy won't work well unless the events become more frequent. If you want people to get excited about something like this then there really needs to be a "something for everyone" feel. A vanity pet that looks like a re-skin of something already in game, a 90% speeder, and a sand people outfit aren't exactly a huge motivator for some people. For me, myself, the "something new" was enough to get me to try it...for ONE of my toons. Certainly no motivation to go through it again for any of my others. With that said, it was a fun diversion for a brief time, therefore I wouldn't call it a total failure as some do. Some of them do make some good points though.
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