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She actually wants us to believe they test stuff! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!

What a hoot!
At one point, I really did believe that they tested stuff. I did lol. But then that patch came out where the probe droids were supposed to spawn more consistently, but instead they stopped spawning altogether. All it would've taken was 1 person to try out the "fix" and they would've realized that they broke it. It wasn't like they tried fixing the minefield in EC and now there's an issue in Hammer Station or something. It's essentially bringing your car to the mechanic because it's having a hard time starting. He "fixes" it, and now it doesn't start at all.

So now everytime I see them say that they're "testing" something, I imagine some heavily overweight guy sitting in an office touching himself inappropriately to cat pictures on Reddit. 8 hours later, he clocks out and reports to his boss (an orangatang in an office throwing bananas) that he tested the latest patch or whatever.