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Hi folks,

I wanted to take a bit of time to explain the reasoning behind the weapon selection on the vendor. As you know, each SWTOR event that we do is unique and this also applies to the variety of items offered. That is, if you don’t find anything that you think is useful during this event, you may find a different assortment of items in the next one. Your feedback is definitely appreciated and we’ll look into different ways to improve our item selection in the future.

Thanks for participating!
*facepalm* It's not a matter of opinion.

Everyone uses crystals. Everyone. PVE, PVP, every class. They were useful. Great reward. It created an after market and everything.

At 50, only 25% of people can use the bowcasters, and doing so outside of showing it off requires spending over A HUNDRED THOUSAND CREDITS just to remove the barrel to upgrade it to even rakata level, at which point it will be individually BoP even if you make the overarching weapon BoL because you used a standard barrel.

In 9 months, you've done 2 events. If this is the frequency, the rewards should have at least the potetial of being used by the level 50s that make up a majority of your still active playerbase.

Think, mcfly.