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08.16.2012 , 02:47 PM | #14
You know, I wish you folks would stop using plurals when you announce this stuff. I know the marketing hacks want it to seem like it's a bunch of stuff, but we all know that isn't the case. And NO dates around any of it, not even hoped for Patch versions.

You have profound problems with instancing throughout the game (stuck in the door to an ops instance, where even relogging doesn't fix it, and having to change to a different public instance before I'm visible to teammates in a mission instance!?!?!?), behavioral flaws in the companions (can't cross thresholds, or maneuver up ramps, or randomly frickin' despawn), LAG!!!!, GTN problems, Group Finder problems, Cannot See Target problems everywhere, and big time implementation problems (I have a galaxy spanning holo com in my flippin' pocket, but I have to fly back and forth to Coruscant to talk to the general). But we're to believe that a rapid turnaround of content is just around the corner? You mean more "content" like this last world event? Forgive me, but no thanks. An intriguing idea that failed in execution.

Here's a thought: have your "test team" break into a couple of 4 man groups, and an 8 man group, and go do the ops, and heroics, and FP's, and take the laundry list of issues you find and FIX THEM! At this point, content that works correctly could be considered "new".