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Yay, another Endurance stacker.

I have a Vanguard. Pretty much BIS. You should max out around 24k HP post-stim as a Vanguard. Please do not copy his example.

Find a nice Spreadsheet and use that to customise your gear. If at any time you are reading a guide and one of the first sentences is "The primary stat of any tank is Endurance." just stop reading.
Thank you very much for the positive, constructive criticism. The guide has been updated with my new build/stats, as well as a little more clarification in the stat details of the guide.

You are quite correct that Endurance is not the 'primary' stat of a Vanguard. I did not mean to construe that in my guide, and have refined my statements to clarify this. I have reduced my Endurance stat as of the beginning of August in favor of increasing Defense / Accuracy, and optimizing my secondary stats. Your post encouraged me to update my guide, so I thank you for that.

However folks, please keep in mind that my guide is not intended to dictate what is the best Vanguard set up. This will obviously change as the patches get released, and new gear comes out, etc, etc. My guide is an overview of the class, its abilities, and how they are used. If you find certain stats/builds work better, by all means use them, and I welcome feedback to improve my guide.