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2) The start of my "rotation" also prioritises bursting threat rather than building my power screen stack since this is the only time in the fight that threat might be sensitive. Nobody has ever noticed the difference in survivability but a few people have commented on the difference between my opening threat and some other tanks.

3) I have no use for explosive round, there's always a cheaper alternative. Also, while there are situations where full auto would be a good DPS choice they are few and if I'm that far from a mob then I am not holding still.
I will have to modify my statement in the guide slightly, my 'rotation' ignore the opening of the fight for the most part. I always prioritize threat when entering combat. So i always start off with AoE and/or Taunts before i go into my rotation. Once I have the npc's on me, that is when i start my rotation to build up Power Screen and start dishing out some dps to hold threat.

I also agree with you on Explosive Round, I very rarely use it. Sometimes its an easy way to get an npc's attention, but i will usually use something else for that. I don't use Full Auto that often, but if I'm in a 1v1 fight, I use it every once in a while if i'm waiting on a CD for something else.