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How about this one:
Full 8 in ops, all have their GF set for "daily reward available" for Story Mode Ops. As leader, I queue the group, and we travel to KP. Partway through, one of our members needs to drop due to an issue IRL, so I use the GF to find a replacement. Almost instantly, a replacement joins our group... AND a window pops up offering to match us with a DIFFERENT replacement person as if we were queued as 7 from the start. We all close the window and finish the op with the guy who automatically popped into our group. No BH comms. File a ticket, a couple days later they say they "cannot verify that we were eligible". Result, over an hour wasted for 7 of us who don't need the SM gear, just the BH comms.

4 of us queue for LI HM, one has to drop when we are on 2nd boss... I ask GF for replacement. In order to get 4th, it asks us to "travel to our destination". We do, the 4th guy is added to group... and we are in a -totally reset- LI HM instance. Couldn't get past the first boss since the new guy doesn't listen and we are too frustrated to bang our heads against it AGAIN. Result, almost 2 hours (and lots of repair money) wasted.
That bug is working as intended. However, you should send us more bug reports so that we can direct them into the spam folder of our email. There's a fix in the works and after it's "tested" we will hold onto it for a few weeks while telling you that it'll be out "soon." At the time of the patch (2013), we will break something else. Thank you all for your patience. Keep an eye on the SWTOR Twitter, Facebook, DevTracker, and Patch Notes so that you are aware that we haven't fixed anything but new content and patches will be coming "soon." Have we told you about the new Legacy stuff yet?!?!?!?!

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So, let's hope BW fix this before all the guildies leave.
Too late for me, the guild of over active 60 people when I joined has literally dissolved last night when the 5 remaining subscribed guild members joined a new guild.