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08.16.2012 , 10:44 AM | #6
How about this one:
Full 8 in ops, all have their GF set for "daily reward available" for Story Mode Ops. As leader, I queue the group, and we travel to KP. Partway through, one of our members needs to drop due to an issue IRL, so I use the GF to find a replacement. Almost instantly, a replacement joins our group... AND a window pops up offering to match us with a DIFFERENT replacement person as if we were queued as 7 from the start. We all close the window and finish the op with the guy who automatically popped into our group. No BH comms. File a ticket, a couple days later they say they "cannot verify that we were eligible". Result, over an hour wasted for 7 of us who don't need the SM gear, just the BH comms.

4 of us queue for LI HM, one has to drop when we are on 2nd boss... I ask GF for replacement. In order to get 4th, it asks us to "travel to our destination". We do, the 4th guy is added to group... and we are in a -totally reset- LI HM instance. Couldn't get past the first boss since the new guy doesn't listen and we are too frustrated to bang our heads against it AGAIN. Result, almost 2 hours (and lots of repair money) wasted.