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08.16.2012 , 09:00 AM | #1
Ok guys and gals I have a couple of questions for you all, Ill be hitting 50 tonight only 2 bubbles away!!!! yayy!

Question 1. I really like the look of the batlemaster gear for my powertech, if i am understanding this right battlemaster is PVP gear (since im not sure of the all the tier names and whats pvp and whats pve in Swtor yet) If this is the case is there a set that looks like it in PVE gear?

Question 2. I see some battle master "hulls" In the GTN that have no mods in them for lvl 50 but require a WZ rank of 60 or something like that, so how many wz would I have to do to get to the "60" level and how are the point/rank's in PvP done in this game.

Question 3 if i do get this battlemaster "hull" set would it be acceptable with good mods to use in the lower ops?