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what is this problem everyone is talking about?

I do a hardmode flashpoint every day and i never have problems with gorupfinder or gettinng my rewards
The problem goes like this:

4 persons in a group queues for a Random HM FP

After Quick Travel to location, all HM FP quests fills up your questlog if you dont already have them, not just the one you were randomly selected to do.

Now, as one ofter the other enters the FP location, all the others who have arrived there gets a popup about "travel now?", but if you select that you want to travel, despite already having arrived, nothing happens.

If anyone dies and exits the FP and the reenters, the popup will come again to those who did not exit.

When FP is cleared, you will not get your BH Commendations.

There is a workaround to this.... all you have to do is continue doing random flashpoints until you hit the one that will give you commendations, hoping you get a new one each time you queue. Keep it up and you will eventually hit the right one, but it will VERY rarely be the one you do first.

Another way is to enter the queue with 3 or less people and taking on one or more randoms.

So, let's hope BW fix this before all the guildies leave.

EDIT: BW have their info on display here: