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what is this problem everyone is talking about?

I do a hardmode flashpoint every day and i never have problems with gorupfinder or gettinng my rewards
It seems to occur when you queue for flashpoints using the group finder in a full 4 man pre-made group. Queuing with less than 4 people doesn't cause this issue. I've been one of the lucky ones to have my comms refunded when I've put tickets in with minimal fuss but I know of others that haven't had them all refunded, or not had them refunded at all because their ticket information wasn't clear enough, or because CS didn't bother to read the full ticket.

It does get on my nerves somewhat though that they have known about this for a few patches like op said, yet they don't seem to be treating this as a high priority problem. It's like they learned from their launch day mistakes for a few months but now with the months going on they're like ' hey guys, let's go back to our old bending customers over ways - it'll be fun and lose a few more of the rapidly declining population so we can have everyone on one consolidated server'

You think it's bad now? Wait till false promises of more content more regularly fail to deliver when the f2p model comes in. If you'd spoken to me a couple of months ago just as the server transfers were hitting the news, I'd have sung the games praises. Now I'm just as butt-hurt as everyone else on here because pretty much my entire guild is quitting due to lack of interesting content, some are quitting due to f2p, World events are cool and all, and are a nice touch, but ffs fix the outstanding bugs before ramming half baked content down our throats. That was peoples argument back at launch, To this date, that is STILL the peoples argument. I get that you (Bioware) want to do some damage control and stabilize the rapidly declining numbers, and I get that you're hearing a lot of guys on here crying about wanting more content and events like the rakghoul event, but your QA team/ bug bashing team (if they haven't been paid off also) need to sort out the GAME BREAKING bugs first before giving us more unoptimized badly coded quests.

IB4 some white knight comes in with ' But be grateful that they are listening to us and giving us content at all' No. I'm grateful for proper testing before rushed releases of big patches. Rated Wz's were meant to come in in 1.2 but instead were pushed back. 1.3 comes and panicking that everyone will quit, they rush the release of Rwz's in a horrible state (unable to queue due to 'offline' people anyone? )

I've stood by Bioware from the launch of this game, echoing shouts of 'but this is a young mmo still guys' but enough is enough. Put your money where your mouth is Bioware and give us the game we deserve or you might as well pull the plug just now and save us all the pain and suffering.